Strength And Rapid

Our new training program combines Rapid with MedX therapy. First, we treat your chronic pain using Rapid Neuro Facial Reset. Further, we develop a program to strengthen your postural muscles with top-of-the-line MedX equipment and document it to measure its effectiveness.

Combining the power of Rapid with MedX Therapy

We are the only fitness studio in the world combining the power of Rapid NFR /MedX therapy. The VitalFit method is the most evolved method to deliver longevity to maintain health, posture, and fascial activation. Our method has helped restore optimal function after new injury , chronic pain or years of compensation due to injury .

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Reach Your Fitness Goals

It is challenging to manage an everyday fitness routine given how busy everyone’s life is, but what if we told you that you that these sessions can be done once a week up to once every three weeks and reap benefits.

The easiest way to train

You do not have to be a pro to work out with us. Our workouts include using the most advanced machines, which means you do not have to learn any techniques and master any lifts. It is an easy way to train and achieve the highest results.

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Who is Strength and Rapid for ?

Many things can throw your body off: past injuries and poor posture from work and life. Our program pinpoints weaknesses or imbalances that can create problems in the future and treats them with Rapid. It is ideal for people –

Recovering from an injury

Need over all strength conditioning

Limitations from injuries or illnesses

Medical conditions that require less intensity

Clients with severe osteoporosis

Severe lower back pain

Neck or accident related injuries

Sport Specific training


Single pass

Ideal for beginners


Best Value

5 class pass

Ideal for advanced


Best Value

10 class pass

Ideal for advanced


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Frequently asked questions

I Want To Be In The Best Shape Of My Life. Which Programs Should I Follow?

Peak Class 1-2 X per week (program is adjusted for those coming twice a week ) along with Cardio / endurance 1-2X per week (Spin & Sculpt or Real-rider) is good enough to keep you in top shape. We do not recommend training 4X a week, rest is just as important as pushing.