True Limits Cycling

Take your training to the next level with our expert spinning coaches. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, True Limits is the answer.

Burn calories the fun way

Spinning is a low impact exercise that is easy on your knees. Most people find it more enjoyable than other cardio alternatives. Not just that spinning offers the highest calorie burn compared to any other workouts you do.

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Strengthen your heart

Our energetic spinning classes can help enhance your aerobic capacity, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and body composition. Spinning improves your heart’s stroke volume and strengthens it. Want a healthier heart? Join our class and hop on a bike with us.

Track Your Progress & Stay Accountable

Your coach will guide you through our 5 different heart rate zones: resting, easy, challenging, uncomfortable and All Out, telling you when to push harder and when to pull back for recovery. The goal is to spend just 12 to 20 minutes with your heart rate elevated in orange red zone to boost your metabolism, burn fat and burn more calories. In studio monitors connected directly to your heart rate strap To track you progress and keep you accountable to your level of effort

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Become a part of our spinning community

Our group spinning classes give you a sense of community. Research shows that working out in a group reduces stress levels and improves emotional well-being. Working out with a group pushes you to work harder and keeps you coming back for more.

Spin & sculpt

Introducing our new total body shred session intervals & drills on and off the Lemond elite for a total toning experience. Use free weights yoga blocks ,bosus and keep in top shape.

An instructor helping a man with workout

Improve in all of these areas

Spinning has its many health benefits. A couple of sessions a week and you would be healthier than ever.

Increase muscle mass

Enhance endurance

Experience fat loss

Improve cardiovascular health

Reduces stress

Rev up metabolism

Strengthen core

Boost your mental health

Makes your joints stronger


Single spin pass

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5-spin pass

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10-spin pass

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Get Fit in 3-Simple Steps

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Sign Up And Pay

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Smash your session

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Frequently Asked Questions

What footwear should I wear for my cycling session?

You can either wear running shoes or spd clips spin shoes.

How can I view my hard work on the heart rate monitoring system?

We offer Bluetooth + Ant plus capability heart rate straps ( one year warranty). The strap is yours to keep to use at home on any app or machine with Bluetooth + Ant plus capability.

Can I share my sessions with others?

Yes you can purchase a package and a staff member will join your profiles.