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From the very beginning, it was clear that Andrea really makes the effort to understand her client’s needs, goals and limitations and then develops a program to work with them. I have multilevel disk disease and have been struggling for years with limited mobility and pain. Andrea always takes the limitations into consideration and adjusts any exercise I have difficulty with to ensure that I am strengthening my back and my core strength. Since Nathalie and I train together, she makes adaptations for me while ensuring that Nathalie continues to work at the level she needs.

In the fall of 2014, my friend Nathalie and I made a commitment to get in better shape and was recommended to Andrea by another trainer who felt she would be the right trainer for us.

The training is challenging and aimed to bring your muscles to the point of failure. She measures our improvements through weight measurement, physical measurements and monthly tests on the machines. Each class we are challenged to give our maximum effort for every set. When it doesn’t seem possible to do another repetition, Andrea always finds a way to get us to do just a couple more.

Remarkably patient, she encourages us when we whine and laughs when we tease her. Every class is filled with laughter and sweat! The gains of strength training have been remarkable. I have lost 20 inches overall and have developed some beautiful muscle definition. Most important to me is the improvement in my back strength and flexibility. I have begun to think of this training as a RX for back injuries. Not only do I feel and look better, but I believe I have gained a cheerleader and mentor in Andrea.

Peggy Gemert

Going to VitalFit (Aka VisualFit )has been the best decision I I have made in a long time. I am 57 and still working full-time and sometimes it is hard for me to get out and be physical. I have the odd pains from arthritis and sitting at a desk too long and have had a locked shoulder since 2010. At the time the doctor recommended physio and massage therapy.

I did that and even tried acupuncture (and I hate needles) with no success. When I started in spring 2018 , I was not sure if performance training would work for me but I love it. I like Julie and Andrea telling me what exercises to do while maintaining my weight training history. The past year pains in my shoulder went away and with the added on rapid sessions my locked shoulder is now almost totally unlocked. Be aware that the Rapid sessions are not for the faint at heart as Julie really digs into the source the where the muscle is tight.

She focuses on the muscle all the way to the bone. You may feel pain during the session but when you leave you feel free and invigorated. Now I am working on strengthening my left side through the performance training once a week (along with 1 spin class a week)and feel like a cloud has lifted over my shoulder. Still have a few my rapid sessions to go but even then as you age there are other parts of your body that need a little reset.

My best recommendation is to combine the reset with weight training to retrain and strengthen weak muscles. You need to space these out as your body needs time to heal in between. Exercise has given me more motivation to work out as I do not have to think much after a long day at work.

Monique Beland

First off, let me tell you that it’s always a pleasure to walk into the VitalFit gym. There are always welcoming smiles and a magical filter at the door that only allows for positive thinking while there. If I can describe in one word my training experience at VitalFit it would be: Addictive.

I always look forward to my personal training. It is a results oriented, flexible and motivating. Julie and Andrea are always cutting edge and looking for ways to improve their gym equipment and training knowledge. They always have something new and exciting to share. This year, Andrea and Julie were accredited as RAPID therapists. RAPID takes training to a whole new level. As soon as compensation in movement appears or pain surfaces, they are able to identify the problem and fix it. I’ve had multiple RAPID therapy sessions and I am amazed at the results but more so, the long lasting results.

I can honestly vouch that Andrea and Julie care about all of their clients. They always speak highly of everyone and work as hard as possible with us so that we all reach our goals. They are always so happy for our achievements. Whatever your reason is for training, Andrea and Julie are on your side and will help you get there.

And dedicated they are! Andrea and Julie even agreed to do team triathlon with me when I suffered a back injury. Andrea did 60km on the bike, Julie a 15km run and I did the 2km swim. They are amazing people, great athletes and wonderful trainers!

Thank you, Vital Fit

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