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Our methods challenge everything you thought you knew about fitness. Join the list of 378+ members who have benefitted from our programs.


Maximum Results
Minimum Time

Vital Fit is a true believer in Less is More. We understand how busy your life is, and maintaining a fitness routine is impossible, so we have researched the latest technologies and methods to help you achieve optimal health in minimum time.

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Rapid & Strength

Our new training program combines rapid therapy, a proven technique to treat chronic pain, and a workout routine to strengthen your postural muscles using top-of-the-line Medx equipment.

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Vital Performance Elite Group Personal Training

Progressively overload and strengthen your postural muscles with our top-of-the-line MedX rehabilitation equipment in our elite personal training program.

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Rapid Reset

Alleviate tension and restrictions within muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves with a RAPID NeuroFascial Reset, a new soft tissue, movement based therapeutic technique.

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Real Rider / Spin & Sculpt

Learn how to improve your heart zones, RPM’s and watts on a Hoist LeMond bike designed in partnership with the 3 time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond.

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What Is Vital Fit?

Vital Fit is a one of a kind health and wellness studio in Ottawa that combines Rapid NFR with MedX therapy. Your body is assessed for any functional deficits and treated with Rapid NFR. Further, a program is developed for therapy using the advanced MedX equipment.

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We Are Unique

We are the only ones in the world to mix MedX Therapy with Rapid.

Advanced Equipment

We only use MedX, the most technologically advanced sports, fitness, and rehabilitation equipment available in the market, making us the only fitness studio in Ottawa to do so.

Certified Team

Our team is certified in Rapid Therapy and knowledgeable on all topics related to health and fitness. In addition, you will discover the ins and outs of strength training and nutrition.

Less is More

We are not your regular gym where you spend hours working 5-6 times a week. Our programs are technology and science backed which means one or two sessions per week are enough to help you with your fitness goals.

Real People
Real Results

At Vital Fit, client satisfaction is our number one priority.
Hear what our clients are saying about us.

I lost 25 lbs pain & injury free

– Julie

Thank you Vital Fit for unlocking my shoulders.

– Peggy

A different recipe for every individual.

– Monique

I Am 100% Fit

– Michael

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to be in the best shape of my life. Which programs should I follow?

Peak Class 1-2X per week (program is adjusted for those coming twice a week ) along with Cardio / endurance 1-2X per week (Spin & Sculpt or Real-rider) is good enough to keep you in top shape. We do not recommend training 4X a week, rest is just as important as pushing. goals.