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What to have access to the best virtual spin classes. Vitalfit is the creator of True limit cycling which is the answer to help reach your fitness goals wether you’re a beginner or an athlete . Turn off the lights and turn your space into your own spin studio. Let the expert spinning coaches take your training to the next level. Our coaches are dedicated to guide and teach you on how to improve your heart zones, your RPM’s and your watts all on the one and only Hoist LeMond bike delivered to you your front door and designed in partner with the 3 time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond.

True limit cycling have produced the best cycling program to keep you motivated and accountable for your health and fitness. Every week two classes are uploaded and sent to you by email where you have one week to complete. We ask that you join our True Limit cycling facebook page in order to post your results ( training graph and heart rate zones) with ours and get our feedback. If 4 classes are posted a month a 20$ credit will be allocated to your next bike rental. Here’s a insight on what to expect.

Based by science our Sprint interval class consist of all out sprints where you are giving 100% of your effort. The class consist of 30 sprints of extreme intensity because of this the intervals are short accompanied by multiple breaks. This class focuses on improving your heart zones and power (WATTS) is the rate at which energy is used.

They also have designed and offer Real rider/ Burn classes where you get a chance to build and test your cardio endurance all while improving your resting heart rate. They have combined hill climbs with high intensity intervals with longer intervals to increase speed endurance, your metabolism and muscle mass all while burning fat. Get ready to climb hills and test your power.

Each bike is equipped with a console that sinks with an app (HOIST) to allow you to keep track of your watts and your Rpm’s. The coaches teach with gears and heart zones allowIng you to follow and challenge herself throughout the class.

Heart rate straps (WAHOO TICKER)are available for purchase , by using an the WAHOO or FITIV App you can see your heart zones making it easier to follow.

Let them coach you in being your own coach guaranteed Improvement in results. Visit TRUE LIMIT cycling on facebook to see what all the fuss is about. Rental are 138$ a month includes 8 classes.
8$ per bike rental is donated to PLANTING SEEDS INTERNATIONAL

Average Calories Burnt
Men: 700-1300 | Women: 450-700

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