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VitalFit Method

Our VitalFit Method challenges everything you thought you knew about exercise, and takes you deep inside your body’s inner workings! Our trainers have studied many leading and research proven methods and exercises to improve our everyday lives! We call this our VitalFit Method this allows for a higher chance of long term lifestyle changes! We try our best to maximize results and minimize the amount of time spent in the gym to 1-2 sessions a week is whats recommend (more than enough). Trainer will pick the most appropriate style of training to use to attain the best results for each client. Every client will be put through a full body assessment to check for in balances or weaknesses that can lead to injuries or compensations.

We collaborate with Massage Therapists, Physiotherapist and Chiropractors, but we are not a replacement. We help maintain proper balanced body functions to prevent injuries or recurring injuries. This works for any age and any sport we all need a stable well balanced body and VitalFit knows it!

This method works for anyone! Whether you are someone sitting at a desk all day, someone looking for back pain relief, suffering from osteoporosis,or an athlete wanting to maintain or build strength/cardiovascular output throughout or during the off season!

In just 50-60 minutes, once to twice a week, you will improve in all these areas:
✔ Lower Cholesterol
✔ Ramp Up Your Metabolism
✔ Optimize Cardiovascular Health
✔ Improve Flexibility
✔Build Bone Density
✔Shed Fat
✔ Manage Arthritis And Chronic Back Pain
✔ Postural Assessment Is Done In Studio Before Joining Any Class
✔ Trainers Are Able To Modify Exercise For Clients With Limitations

You’ll love the results you see!

Total Body Assessment 1 hour

✔ Your trainer or fitness expert does a "needs analysis" to see what muscles are short and tight versus long and weak.
✔ The body functions at its best when it's in correct posture. When the body is in correct postural alignment, it moves evenly and distributes weight appropriately. The muscles, joints and spine work together help you perform your best at any sport without pain. If something is out of alignment, injury can occur and you'll have to spend time recovering from the injury.
✔ This will help prevent injuries. A base conditioning phase is where your coach watches you do basic exercises to look for any imbalances and how your body moves during exercises. This is when your trainer or coach can correct and teach you proper form. Think of this as a foundation for your workout. You wouldn't build a house without a solid foundation.
✔ Last part of the Assessment we reset the muscle imbalance for better movement using RAPID
RAPID NeuroFascial Reset, is a neurologically based, active, therapeutic technique that addresses the central nervous systems role in alleviating tension and restrictions within the body.

Our Trainers are Certified to assess and gear exercises to balance your body. Many things can throw your body off: past injuries, poor posture from work and life. We are able to pinpoint weaknesses or imbalances that can create problems in the future.

Group Training

We specialize in Personalized Group Training: Our mission is to provide accurate information and exceptional coaching to ensure our clients live better, longer lives. The trainers track every session and design every program according to who signs up in class and how many times they have booked a session that week. Clients can do 1-3 times a week of peak classes and each time the class will be different according to what the client has already done in their previous sessions.



Peak & Vitality were developed with the best intentions at heart with our ever busy lives and lack of personal time our trainers found it hard to accommodate changing schedules but with peak you have control of your own Schedule! We take care of your weight, program, suitable exercises and any modifications needed from past or recovering injuries! You can view real-time results including active heart rate zone, calories burned and average heart rate for the class.

Emphasizes Fat Loss And Muscle Remodeling:
✔ Peak Intensity Workouts
✔ Minimize Gym Time
✔ Maximize Results

2 -6 per group 12 class times to choose from:

✔ Improve posture
✔ Increase lean muscle in 3 weeks
✔ Use our MedX back machine to improve back strength
✔ Lose inches all over within weeks
✔ Obtain all the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the price
✔ MedX equipment
✔ Get full body conditioning

Sign up with your friend,husband wife or any family member and you'll be surprised how well we can tailor the workout for each individual! Available for ALL fitness levels.

MEDX Private One on One

In this session we practice Super Slow / High Intensity Training. It’s a very short, very intense, 1 set to failure resistance training protocol with a short cardio section.

Our Trainers are Certified to assess and gear exercises to balance your body. Many things can throw your body off: past injuries, poor posture from work and life. We are able to pinpoint weaknesses or imbalances that can create problems in the future. We use varies training techniques to get the best results ! We are big fans of Super Slow High Intensity Training is great for rehab or even as a tool for injury prevention. Using machines that target a particular muscle means we can still load a muscle whilst avoiding an injured muscle for instance.Super Slow High Intensity Training also reaps all the benefits of strength training that is accessible to anyone who can get to a gym. This means the elderly can now load a joint effectively that they may not be able to do otherwise.Finally, and this is a huge benefit to Super Slow High Intensity training, it’s a rather injury proof type of training. To fatigue the muscle with conventional training you often require a huge load.

✔ Over all strength conditioning
✔ Can commit to a specific time slot that works for their schedule
✔ Recovering from an injury
✔ Limitations from injuries or illnesses
✔ Medical conditions that require less intensity
✔ Clients with severe osteoporosis
✔ Severe lower back pain
✔ Neck or accident related injuries
✔ Sport Specific training


✔ Time
The first key benefit is time. An entire workout lasts only 40-45 minutes. We recommend training 1-2 times a week work smarter not harder !

✔ Ease of Use
It is a really simple way to train. You don’t need to learn complex lifts. As you are using machines most of the technique side of lifting is taken care of.

✔ Cardio Benefits
By doing a 100% effort HIT session, you are improving your cardio function.


True Limits Cycling

Join us, you will love the energy!

You can view real-time results including active heart rate, zone, calories burned and average heart rate for the class. All our classes are taught with Cadence monitor and heart rate zones! Increase your cardio capacity, burn fat, and tone your lower body with this high energy class! This class is perfect for those starting out or looking to improve their spinning skills.

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