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Here at VitalFit, we are big proponents of Balanced Training. Most people when they first start their fitness journey, they are intimidated by strength training. It’s not uncommon to hear, “But, I don’t want to bulk up too much”. With this misconception in mind, people often flock to the cardio machines. Don’t get us wrong, cardio certainly has its place in your fitness routine, but so does strength training!

Our trainers at VitalFit use a combination of strength building techniques and Red Zone Cardio training in all our sessions to strengthen that heart and body! This combo allows for a greater exhaustion of your muscle tissues, which in turn, allows you to build muscle faster. It also increases the metabolic capacity of your muscles when you train to fatigue.

VitalFit is the only carrier of Med-X Equipment in the Ottawa area. Med-X is a specialized brand of equipment targeted towards therapy for those people who have suffered injury and need to strengthen a few muscles groups as a result. This means that with supervision and the proper equipment, there is less chance of injury and a thoroughly powerful workout can be achieved. It also means that this type of workout is good for people of ages and fitness levels. Even if you haven’t suffered an injury, our specialized equipment really isolates muscle groups so you and your trainer can achieve the results you are looking for.


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The Team

Meet Andrea

Strength Condition / Rapid Upper Lower Therapist

Andrea Portillo has been actively working in the health and fitness industry for over 9 years. In just six years, Andrea has built a strong business and is one of the most sought out strength /conditioning coach in the Prescott-Russell area.

This success can be almost solely attributed to Andrea’s extreme passion for fitness. Andrea truly believes that fitness is not just for people who want to have the perfect figure, but for everyone and she practices what she preaches! Her passion translates into the amazing results that her clients achieve.

With therapeutic training equipment made specially to optimize results and allow those with injuries to work out safely. She designed a business model that can allow everyone to afford quality training to prevent injuries and all the intense workouts have programs tailored to restore proper posture ,mobility and strength ! Every program is carefully designed and always backed by science! RAPID NeuroFascial Reset treatment-using movement and tension to allow the nervous system to release the adhesed surfaces of the tissues that cause pain. Releasing the tissues from this state almost immediately brings pain relief. Most clients feel 20-50% better after only one treatment. Andrea believes these two methods go hand in hand many of us are dealing with pain from past injuries and have been compensating for years ! exercise is healthy but we need to make sure that our body our "foundation" is restored to its proper alignment we do this by using RAPID for rapid results and a safer way to start your Healthier Stronger Life! Clients only need to book sessions twice a week! Don’t believe us? Book your free session and experience the difference! Andrea has developed a custom style that when combined with the determination of VitalFit members attains incredible results!

Meet Julie

Strength Condition / Certified Upper and Lower Rapid Therapist

Julie is a 42 year old who enjoys helping others live a healthy lifestyle. Preventive healthcare is very dear to her. She has been a registered Dental Hygienist for the past 16 years. Helping others to achieve a healthy body and mind and live a pain free life is very important to her as she has suffered multiple injuries herself like: concussions, whiplash, broken limbs, tennis elbow ,rotator cuff injury and sprains. For that reason, Julie has been educating herself as certified Rapid NeuroFascial reset Upper Body therapist. She now lives pain free life herself and just finished a 15 km run with no issues.

What is Rapid you say: Rapid means treated the body at the neurological level stimulates a reprogramming of the tissue , tight muscles relax, range of motion is restored, and pain is eliminated. This helps individuals quickly get back to life and living. She is constantly educated herself by taking courses or reading on the latest most effective way to train or treat her clients whether during a one on one session or in her spin classes. She truly relates to everyone and teaching inspires her to give back to others.

All our clients see the positive effects of high-intensity, low frequency weight training after using our Medx equipment.For most of you who have already visited the studio you have probably seen her at the front desk, greeting her clients with a smile and getting them excited for their session. Personal training and teaching spinning was a natural fit for her. Whatever your obstacles or goals she will support on your journey to a stronger healthier you.

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