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The "VitalFit" Method

It's a lifestyle.

Our VitalFit Method challenges everything you thought you knew about exercise, and takes you deep inside your body’s inner workings!!! Our VitalFit Method allows for a higher chance of long term lifestyle changes!

True Limits Indoor Cycling

Discover your true limits.

View real-time results including active heart rate, zone, calories burned, and average heart rate for the class.
Glow In The Dark*


Total Body Assessment !

Most people can’t believe how much better they feel after just a few weeks of regular, guided personal training. They even report better sleep, energy they never knew they had, and they certainly look more confident too!

MEDX Exercise Equipment

Exclusively in Ottawa!

We are the only training facility in the Ottawa region to leverage this incredible equipment. MedX is the most technologically advanced fitness, sports and medical/rehabilitation equipment available. MedX products achieve training efficiency through resistance curves matched to tested and proven strength profiles. They operate at a very low level of friction and offer a choice of resistance in 2-pound increments, ensuring a weight that is just right – not too heavy and not too light – for rapid and steady progress.

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